Carlos Ghosn Takes Over Mitsubishi!

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May 30, 2016

Carlos Ghosn Takes Over Mitsubishi!

It took only 1 year for Carlos Ghosn to revive Nissan in 1996. “Le Cost Killer” as nicknamed, took over Renault in the following years and made it the most profitable major automaker in the world in 2003.

Now he’s on a new mission and has to save Mitsubishi as part of Nissan’s agreement in May to pay $2.2 Billion for a controlling stake in Mitsubishi Motors.

It is not his hardest battle as Nissan and Renault were in deeper “trouble” when he came to action, but with no doubt Carlos Ghosn has to “troubleshoot” losses, penalties, and compensation to customers that could total around $3.4 billion.

“It’s going to be challenging” mentioned Ghosn, who has to restore investor’s faith in the company’s future after the fuel-efficiency scandal. But,” there’s a huge reward if successful.” The alliance between Renault- Nissan and Mitsubishi could be the world’s fourth largest automotive group.

As observed by analysts, Carlos ghosn” sees things in a very objective way.”

Change is about to happen not only in the brand but certainly in the management style. “Mitsubishi is about to learn that firsthand!”

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