Lost between an SUV and a Crossover? You might as well consider the Infiniti QX50!!

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Wheelers Team

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April 30, 2019

Lost between an SUV and a Crossover? You might as well consider the Infiniti QX50!!

The all new Infiniti QX50 has drawn attention ever since its launch in the 2016 Beijing Motor Show unveiling its Wider Arches and Meaner Looks. To our surprise it did not share a single design or component from its predecessor with the EX. The vehicle is available as a 2019 Model Year in both trims, the “Luxe” and “Luxe ProAssist” and it is roaming our territory as we speak with Infiniti’s futuristic dual Touchscreens.


The Interior:

The Cabin is pretty roomy from inside, the seats are comfortable and rich in stitches and everything seems to be close to reach. The Multifunction Leather Steering Wheel keeps you away from distraction as the essentials are easily controlled with a LCD Screen at the fore. Active control plays a big role to reduce Wheel and Wind Noise in Roots. Rear Seats are substantial compared to the previous model and Cargo Space was filled with 2 Large Suitcases and 2 Back packs without hesitation.



Infiniti’s new Two-Interface Touchscreens control almost everything as well as your driving experience. The Upper Screen operates mostly for Navigation, and the Navigation system does function in Lebanese Territories, however the Lower Screen focuses more on Climate Controls, Driving Modes, Radio Station, Bluetooth Connectivity etc.




The engine is an inline 4 Cylinders Turbocharged producing 268HP and 380NM of Torque, it comes with a Continuously Variable Transmission with 8 Levels controlled by Paddle Shifts at your Fingertips in Manual Mode. Four “Driving Modes” are also available in Personal, Eco, Standard and Sport, to suit your driving experience.



The front Fascia is screaming anger with its aggressive grille that continues all the way to the back by what is so called the D Pillar Crescent-Cut. However the rear tail lights design take us by surprise and flings with boldness as the nose. Nevertheless the rear upper Spoiler and Dual Exhaust tips adds a lot of Sportiness to the vehicle.